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Historic St. Paul United Methodist Church

"We are a beacon of and for God's love in the community."

The History of Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Mission Statement

“We are a beacon of God’s love in the community.”

updated August 2015

Vision Statement

"To be vibrant, growing disciples through biblical based teaching, who are diverse in age, culture, talents, gifts, and passionately committed through love to serve each other and the community. "

Adopted in Administrative Council now called the (Governing Council) February 2015 and updated February 2016

St. Paul United Methodist was founded as St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church in 1884. We had our beginning in the hearts of a few individuals who saw the need for a Methodist congregation in our community. The organization of this body took place in the home of one of the early church members, under the leadership of Rev. H. C. Cohen.

The first church building and parsonage was located at 1109 Ramirez Street, St. Paul was part of the Kingsville Circuit. Membership was small, but hopes and inspirations were large. The modest frame building served as a consecrated placed of worship for St. Paul for more than half a century. In the years that followed, 1925-1932, the membership grew to 54. This number was increased to 300 members between1933-1948. During this time period, the land where St. Paul is presently located was purchased and a parsonage was placed at 1314 Lobo Street.

St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church became St. Paul Methodist Church as a result of the unification of the Methodist Episcopal Church, The Methodist Episcopal Church South and the Methodist Protestant Church. The unification occurred in Kansas City in 1933. The members of the congregation and pastor envisioned moving from the Ramirez Street location and building a new church building. Through perseverance and determination, the present edifice at 1202 Sam Rankin Street was erected and our congregation moved to this location in 1953.

We realized the need for better living conditions for our pastor and family, hence a more comfortable and spacious parsonage at 3739 Wilson was purchased in 1964. With the Unification of the Methodist Church and the United Brethren Church in 1969, the United Methodist Church was born. In 1970, St. Paul became “St. Paul United Methodist Church” due to the merger of the formerly all black West Texas Conference and the predominately all white Texas Conference.

The adjacent property at 1204 Sam Rankin Street was deeded to St. Paul United Methodist Church by the District Board of Missions in May 1979. Over the years many ministers have served, namely: Rev. H. C. Cohen, Rev. J.B Eggleston, Rev. J.R. Carnes, Rev. J. H. Holden, Rev. M. C. Caveness, Rev. Issac Smith, Rev. R. Jackson, Rev. A. Brown, Rev. M.M. Kelly, Rev. P.B. Bennett, Rev. J.S. Jordan, Rev. J.T. Jacobs, Rev. Tom walker, Rev. J. H. Hutchinson, Rev. W.E. Blackson, Rev. A.J. Armstrong, Rev. J.W. Stone, Jr., Rev.W.M. White, Rev. R.L. Palmer, Rev. T.M. Bruton, Rev. Dale H. Hansboro, Rev. C.D. Owens, Rev. E.J. Tanner, Rev. Maurice Washington, Rev. Troy J. Bell, Sr. Other ministers who served St. Paul as assistant pastors were: Rev. Earl Alexander, Rev. Bennett, and Rev. Charles Moore. In June 2011 the Rev. Linda S. Baumheckel was appointed. Her appointment to St. Paul was a historical appointment as the first woman and Anglo pastor in the legacy of this


From June 2011 thru November 2012 historical congregational highlights included partnering with the Corpus Christi Mobile Food Bank to monthly serve our neighbors in the Elliott Grant Senior Adult Housing, Northside Manor Apartments and Little Northside Apartments. As the neighborhood continued to change this outreach and our ministry teams have moved where the need is.

St. Paul’s new season of technology included a November 2011 gift of a projection system in the sanctuary by Mrs. Helen Carline In Memory of Dr. William Carline. This has been invaluable for worship and other events. St. Paul also increased the ability to communicate in an age of rapidly changing technology with a website, Facebook page and a St. Paul mobile application.

January 2012 the congregation voted to sell the free and clear property purchased at Greenwood and Frio Streets.

On August 23, 2012 in a Church Conference, the congregation voted to remain in the Northside Neighborhood after the Conference offered additional resources to relocate. This decision resourced this congregation’s convictions for the future and future ministries to the community at large as the feet of St. Paul became more firmly planted in the Matthew 5:14 scripture.

Highlights of 2013 include the Trustee’s vision of a “Face Lift Faith Lift” which began with a new roof, gutters, and power washing. New opportunities to serve our neighbor included St. Paul having adopted the Head Start Program across the street. We made 40 fleece blankets for the children, hosted a first neighborhood Holyween “Trunk or Treat” feeding and hosted nearly 150 neighbors in fellowship.

In January 2014 two lay women were posed to apply for and present a grant by KaBOOM for a community playground in a "play deprived area" on a .5 acre site on the St. Paul campus. This site was overgrown and not in use. The church voted to proceed, the grant was awarded, the grant sponsor was STRIKE, and on May 14, 2014 this historic community resource was built by 283 volunteers.

The Greenwood and Frio properties closed in September 2014 and a new chapter in the life of the church officially began.

2015 brought the vision of renovation closer to this campus. An architect was engaged in the fall of 2014. Engineers are preparing reports to help assess requirements, and "Kick Start" projects have been initiated in March while St. Paul is in this longer stretch of the anticipation and planning what can and will best be accomplished in a renovation.

2015 also brought a Strategic Planning Retreat with Rev. Terrance Hayes with 30 in attedance as we look to serving Christ, using our facility all week in ministry and making disciples for Jesus Christ. St. Paul will also implement a Healthy Church Initiative "one board" model of governing the congregation in the Spring.

On July 1, 2015 St. Paul welcomed Pastor Robert Marks, Jr. of San Antonio, TX, a member/servant of Northern Hills, a United Methodist Congregation and servant of St. Paul UMC, also San Antonio, TX. His stay was just over a year as he had to move back home to care for his parents.

In September of 2016 we welcomed our current Interim Pastor, Rev. Dr. Pamela Sattiewhite also from San Antonio, Texas.

Answering The Call

St. Paul has produced many dedicated ministers who announced their calling while they were part of our congregation, they are: Leander Irvin, Brendolyn Douglas, Jeremiah Booker, Troy J. Bell, Sr., Sharon Stewart, Willie C. Tabor, Jr., Vicki Butler, Michael Bell, and Linda Tabor Mayberry.